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How It Works

Electrical Estimating Services getting it done right.

1. We ask that you send the bid invitation with the bid dates and the attachment for the PDF files or a download link of the drawings to mike@coast2coastestimating.com.

2. We evaluate the project, to be certain that we are all on the same page with the bid scope of work, approximate project value and quotable's. We want to make sure it's done right the first time before we start pricing the project. "Example"-(MC Cable instead of pipe, No pipe for systems-All stub-ups, Aluminum Cable instead of Copper)

3. After we all come to an agreement on the scope for the project we will provide you with the quotable items such as (Fixture counts and schedules, Misc. Gear and one-line drawing) We provide all the counts for the gear including the one-line. The only counts we will NOT provide is breakers. This is the gear vendors responsibility for how many breakers we will need.

4. After we have entered the project into our estimating system we send you the following bid documents back-
  • Recap sheet with all expenses pertaining to the project provided by you (meaning sales tax rate, burden, labor blend rate, overhead and profit).
  • Scope letter with inclusions/exclusions.
  • Material and labor summary sheet for a quick reference for the total's in each category.
  • The bid itself with the total by item for the material and labor hours so you can see all the quantities and verify.

5. We ask for the quotable's to be sent to us at mike@coast2coastestimating.com so we can start finalizing the bid for scope proposal sale price.

6. Then please call/email with any bid questions you may have and finalize bid for General Contractor.

  • We ask all of our client to make sure they review the bid/estimate before it goings out to any bidding firm and all parties are in agreement with the final price.
    • Being that we price work from Florida to California and cover the USA we ask that you evaluate the commodity prices (copper, aluminum, steel, pipe, fittings) Some areas have different prices due to remote locations via (shipping, trucking or by plane).
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