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Electrical Estimating Services

Our Electrical Estimating Services pricing is very competitive. We work for you as if we are your Chief Electrical Estimator in your office, but less the salary.

We also understand knowing your upfront cost on your estimate's is an important part of the bidding process. That's why we evaluate the project first and make sure we are on the same page with the approx. cost before we begin the estimate. We like to get the scope of work from our clients and discuss how to approach the estimating example (MC cable instead of conduit, underground PVC instead of overhead, fire alarm, voice/data, security, etc.....) Our pricing is so reasonable why would you hire an in-house estimator when you save time and money. You receive the same results but keep more money in your pocket.
It's an easy decision fill out the fee schedule and let's get started today before you miss that opportunity!

  • Fee schedule is based on electrical project total size- "for example"- ($0-$50,000) is at a low fee of $400 and goes up from there in value.


  • $62.50 Hourly
  • 10% Discounts for reoccurring work for monthly estimating services
  • We price change orders and Time and Material at an hourly charge of $62.50.

Please request a fee schedule and discuss the many opportunities....

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